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Premium Home Buyer Lead Packages

Build your pipeline with prequalified and committed Home Buyers

The highest quality Home Buyer Lead Packages in Australia

Rob Roper is the Founder and Director of Trusted Finance with an obsession for high quality lead generation and engaging marketing strategies.

He has built a following of over 1,000,000 people across Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, You Tube, LinkedIn and Snapchat, making Trusted Finance the most followed Australian Company across the Finance and Real Estate industries.

In only 24 months, Rob has gained over 30,000 Home Buyer leads, converting to over $700,000,000 in settled mortgages, without spending even $1 on advertising.

Rob’s educational, entertaining and inspiring content is designed to build an unwavering level of trust between the Home Buyer and Rob’s Broker Referral Partners.

This dynamic has resulted in his Premium Lead Packages delivering a level of Home Buyer quality unheard of in the Broking Industry.

What makes these leads "Premium"?

Premium Lead Package Details

The first step to obtaining a high quality Lead is to ensure they aren’t “time wasters”.

All Home Buyers must complete a 30 Question Fact Find, primarily designed to gauge their commitment to the home buying journey.

This level of trust at the very beginning of the journey ensures we filter out the “rate shoppers” and “tyre kickers”.

Home Buyers are then categorised and only placed into a Premium Lead Package if they have the following:

  1. Minimum income of $95,000
  2. Minimum savings of $10,000 and/or access to a Parent Guarantor

Brokers will receive all Lead contact details as well as a full financial snapshot of each Home Buyer.

All Leads are fresh, having enquired via the Trusted Finance website within 14 days or less of you receiving your Premium Lead Package.

You will be the only Brokerage to receive this package of Leads.

The highest value element to this package is that Rob sends a “Warm Transfer” email to each Home Buyer formally introducing you as his Referral Partner and preferred Mortgage Broker for their home buying journey.

A vast majority of Leads have consumed his content for months before enquiring, often engaging in hundreds of videos.

This personalised referral is what creates the best conversion rates on any Lead Package in Australia.

Package of 25 Premium Home Buyer Leads

Build your pipeline today with motivated Home Buyers

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