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Michael Magee, Director of Momentum Media

Rob was the keynote speaker at the nation-wide business summit, presenting in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne over a 5 week period

“We had the privilege of securing Rob as a keynote speaker for the 2023 Better Business Summit (BBS). As Australia’s largest event for mortgage and finance professionals, the BBS is a highly respected award winning conference that provides valuable educational and professional development opportunities to brokers. With over 10 years of success, the BBS has attracted many top-rated speakers, and Rob was no exception.

During his sessions, delivered in five capital cities throughout Australia over a 5 week period, Rob provided brokers with valuable insights on how they can utilise contemporary video marketing strategies to boost their lead generation efforts. His engaging presentation style was casual, easy to follow, and packed with practical information that brokers could implement immediately.

Rob’s impact was evident from the post-event survey feedback, where he was rated the highest speaker at the event. Brokers were captivated by his insights and queued for up to an hour to speak with him after his session.

In addition to his presentation, Rob also assisted us with marketing promotions, leveraging his expertise in video communications to help drive ticket sales. His professionalism and collaborative approach to working with our team were exceptional, and we are eager to secure him for future events.

Due to his immense impact, we are excited to announce that we are currently in discussions with Rob to facilitate a high-level practical workshop later this year. If you’re interested in learning more about our experience working with Rob, feel free to contact me.”

Kim Barret, Founder & Director of Your Social Voice

Rob presented a keynote at Mogul Mastermind, a 3-day event featuring a team of world class professionals

“Rob was invited to speak at our Mogul Mastermind event in November 2022, where he shared his invaluable insights and expert knowledge in TikTok. His goal was to educate our cohort of small business owners, each representing different industries, on the strategies to build a strong following, capture leads, and convert them into loyal customers.

In the lead-up to the event, Rob demonstrated excellent communication with the YSV team. He proactively provided pre-work for our guests to complete several weeks beforehand. This initiative allowed him to familiarise himself with the audience and tailor his presentation to provide maximum value during the session.

Rob’s engagement with the group was truly remarkable; he commanded their full attention throughout the entire event. His communication skills were outstanding, and it was evident that he had invested time and effort into researching the individuals present in the audience.

The education and expert advice Rob shared during his masterclass left a lasting impact on the attendees. They were inspired to immediately implement the strategies they had learned into their own businesses, realising the immense potential of social media marketing. The result was a surge in TikTok videos being created and shared that same evening, as our guests began putting Rob’s teachings into action.

As we always seek feedback after our Mastermind events, we were thrilled to receive overwhelmingly positive responses from attendees. Without exception, everyone who completed the feedback form awarded Rob with a well-deserved 5-star rating as a speaker. His friendly demeanour and professionalism made him an absolute pleasure to work with. Rob truly exemplifies what it means to be a great speaker and expert in his field.”


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